The Company

In 2020, Kuljetusliike Kurth Oy is celebrating its 50th year in the transport business in Scandinavia.

Our transport operations consist of transports from all over Finland and Sweden to Northern Norway and from Northern Norway to everywhere in Finland and Sweden. Our regular weekly transport covers all the largest cities in Northern Norway.

At the moment, the company employs approximately 16 people and our fleet includes 10 tractor units and a few more trailers.

Our terminal, office, and maintenance facilities are located in the Ahjola industrial park in Pello.

Our company complies with all transport industry related laws, statutes, regulations, and the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out. Responsible enterprise has always been the operating principle of our company. Since 1997, our company has been among Finland’s strongest companies, with AAA Rating Alfa credit rating.


Brothers Paavo and Erkki Kurth began working in the transport industry in 1970, by transporting wood using one truck. They received their first license for international service in 1972 for transports in the Nordic countries and purchased their second truck.

In 1976, the company began to transport wood to Sweden with some transports also being made to Northern Norway. Freight traffic to Northern Norway began to develop greatly in 1980 and in the following years the company’s fleet grew by three articulated vehicles.

In 1991, Erkki sold his share of the company to Paavo and Paavo’s son Jukka joined the operation, having been educated in transport services. The same year, the company ceased wood transports and began to focus solely on freight traffic.

In the 21st century, the company has continued its development and diversified its services and equipment. Today, the company is a modern, reliable, and highly appreciated partner in the northern transport operations.